Valet de Chambre  Slutsåld

Valet de Chambre Slutsåld

Product Description

The ‘Valet de Chambre’ was traditionally a personal servant for the master of the house in Victorian times. It’s hard to think of a more effective valet than our valet desk, which will never tire and can’t speak back. Smaller hanging hooks, large hook for clothes hangers, compact writing desk with storage space and a dedicated pen and Eau-de-Toilette location. Large clothes stacking space, pull out shoe/boot drawer. Brass foot bar… everything except a fridge and an espresso maker. Easy to transform into a library unit, so cool… or a living room live-in support unit holding essentials!

• brass hooks, drawer handles and foot bar

• faux leather covered writing desktop

• large storage space

• pull out shoe drawer

• matching wood swivel wheels




9 900:-

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